This is the best method of contact for anything long and/or detailed.

Unfortunately, due to the lengthy nature of many emails sent to me, I won’t be able to respond to them all.



My DMs are open. This means you can send me a direct message even if I’m not following you.


Discord is an instant-messaging and voice-over-IP service which combines the features of Skype and Teamspeak. It is my preferred IM platform.

This is the best method to get my attention if you have something you want me to see which doesn’t need to be private. You can @-mention me on discord, others in the server may even discuss it with you.


I am quite likely to see any comments left in the discussion area of my channel.

Since posting links in YouTube comments usually results in your comment being caught in the spam filter, it may take some time to appear publicly, but I do allow all comments (excepting dox) through the spam filter.

Contrary to popular belief, YouTube does still have a direct-messaging system, though it is often very poor at alerting recipients to new messages.

On the about page, you should see a “Send Message” button somewhere around the top-right of the main area.