Debunkathon will be Monthly

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I’m changing the schedule of Debunkathon to be monthly instead of weekly. I plan to run the show on the last Saturday of each month. That means the next show will be on the 25th of June.

I am making this change for several reasons:

  1. The show relies heavily on audience interaction, and there’s not an unlimited amount of this available. It’s more like a regenerating supply which I tap for every show, so the rate of use has to be equal or less than the rate of availability. I have noticed a drop in usable viewer interaction since the first show, and I’m not blaming the viewers for that. I think running the show less often will allow for more interaction per episode, making each one better.
  2. I have a lot less free time these days, and usually Debunkathon takes at least an hour of preparation (organising guests, videos, tech, etc.) and of course the show itself is 2 to 3 hours long. I’d like to spend my time on channel content which is more successful and well-produced, hence point 3.
  3. Debunkathon is taking time away from regular video production. Almost all my subscribers have originated from my well-produced videos, and with my lack of time, I want to devote more time to that. The success of the Evalion/Onision video is all the indication I need that it’s wise to focus on that.
  4. When I use content for Debunkathon, I can’t use any of it for my proper videos. Finding enough content to make videos about for both Debunkathon and the proper videos isn’t easy, and it’s just more time I don’t want to expend. Drunken Peasants don’t have this problem, because all they have to do is pick the best of what their fans send them, but I have to go out and find these videos myself.
  5. Flooding new subscribers with videos designed for interaction with more dedicated subscribers will likely turn some of them off. Too much of the same thing is a bad idea, and right now just about the only videos I’m putting up are Debunkathon shows. The channel needs to provide much more of what new subscribers subscribed for, and simply reducing the frequency of Debunkathon should solve this.

There is another reason I won’t detail here; just know that it’s important to me, and that the reasons I’ve explained here are not the only reasons.

I know a small number of people have been enjoying the show and engaging regularly, and I thank them for that, and hope they continue. It’s not all bad news, in fact this might be a very good thing; my well-produced videos are much better content than Debunkathon, and due to this change, there should be far more of them in future. Rarefying Debunkathon will also increase its value, and I suspect not just arbitrarily.

Of course, I still greatly appreciate any video contributions you have for me that you’d like to see me debunk. You can tweet them with #uzaluDebunk, ideally mention @uzalogic in your tweet, or you can email them to me.

I am currently working on a well-produced video about the EU situation and, despite my lack of free time, aim to upload it some time this week.

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