Dungeons & Dragons: Devonshire – Vee as DM

A Dungeons and Dragons campaign run by Vee and streamed by uzalu Tuesdays 3pm EST, 8pm GMT.

Ritualist frequently contributes artwork based on events in the story.

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Vasque (Played by uzalu)

Class: Ranger

Vasque's Spirit Animal

Vasque’s Spirit Animal

Bio coming soon

Desdemona (Played by MidnightNymph)



Bio and further info coming soon

Robert Cop (Played by Mr Bulldups)

Robert Cop

Robert Cop

Robert Cop is a local entrepreneur and small business owner dedicated to job creation and free market economics. A budding industrialist he has set out to scout a new field in which to apply himself, hoping to make his fortune. While old for an adventurer at 35 years old, hes quite young for a guildsman, having gained a position as an alchemist at a young age due to his extremely strong potions.

KiltBill’s Character

Class: Cleric

Tall, in early 40s.

Further bio, name, image, and further info coming soon.

Fan art