Duggar meets D.O.A

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“Oh you know I did it

It’s over and I feel fine

Nothing you could say is gonna change my mind

Waited and I waited the longest night

Nothing like the taste to sweet decline

I went down, I fell, I fell so fast

Dropping like the grains in an hourglass

Never say forever cause nothing lasts

Dancing with the bones of my buried past”

-Foo Fighters



Man, it would absolutely suck to be Josh Duggar right now. One question to him; how does it feel to be knocked off of your high (morality) horse by the LGBT community? The Ashely Maddison fiasco is only a finishing nail in your coffin, a mere piece of decoration more than anything.

It is my opinion that the person suffering the worst in new light of the latest Duggar fiasco is Anna, his wife. If she goes on to live any sort of a resemblance of a happy life by staying at his side than it is decided she has far superior willpower than what I had in order to make it work with a scumbag husband.  Looking at this from an atheist view, Anna’s situation makes me extremely grateful that I was never able to jump on the god band wagon. Just trying to put myself in her place with all that pain is staggering to me. Take a second and think about all the anguish she has to be feeling. I’m not even sure I could ever trust to leave that creature she calls a husband alone with any of their kids to even run a five minute errand.

Situations like these are what really upsets me with fundamentalist Christians because most of the blame of what happened will be placed on her. They will most likely be telling her to hang in there and pray to her sky daddy to make her a better wife for assface so he doesn’t feel the need to molest little girls and fuck internet whores. I can hardly imagine a worse life or situation as an American woman with only one life to live than the one that Anna’s indoctrination is currently providing for her. I mean, is she really expected to just merrily accept her consolation prize of an invisible shy daddy that cant or wont even make an appearance every now and again to even provide a mere hug for encouragement, with the bible as the only source of communication to said figure? Who knows? Maybe this Ashley Maddison thing is something that Anna considers a blessing because at least if he is out with the internet sluts, he isn’t home trying to prey on her or their kids/sisters.

I wish I could grab Anna and lightly shake some sense into her. Leave him Anna, leave him in the dust with nothing and never look back! It will hurt for a little while, but you will find strengths that you never knew you had. Besides, whats a few years missing him and getting to make a great life for yourself and children, as opposed to staying with him inside the Yahweh evangelical cult and being made to feel like everything he did to fuck up his life was your fault for the rest of your days on this earth? Maybe on some level, the theists were right when they claimed that it takes more strength to be a believer, because being indoctrinated into having to live a life like Anna’s would do nothing for me except insure that my last meal was a bullet to my brain.

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