Patron Rewards

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There are several methods / platforms you could use to support me financially, and you can receive perks for doing so.

My use of the word ‘Patron’ does not imply that Patreon is the only applicable platform. I refer to any contributor as a Patron.

Regular Funding

My primary platform for regular funding is SubscribeStar, though my Patreon still exists until I can confirm that SubscribeStar actually works.

The main discussion hub for patrons is on my Discord server Cabal.

Linking your accounts allows you to automatically access the rewards which are provided via my Discord server.

If using SubscribeStar, follow this guide to link your accounts.

If using Patreon, follow this guide to link your accounts.

If using a different service, please @-mention uzalu on Discord after funding to request access. You’ll be asked to confirm your identity.

One-time Funding

You can send a tip via Streamlabs. (Primarily intended for my twitch game streaming, but it still goes to the same place).

Donations via PayPal have been disabled for now.

You can also be granted a reward tier based on a one-time donation. Level and duration can be negotiated.

If you are going to use any of these services, please use these links when doing so, there is no downside to you, but I can benefit from it.;referrer=uzalu