Patron Rewards

There are several methods / platforms you could use to support me financially, each with its own perks.

Use of the word ‘Patron’ doesn’t imply that Patreon is the only applicable platform. I refer to any contributor as a Patron.

Regular Funding

A consistent stream of funds provides the most stable financial support for my content.

All patronage tiers grant access to the rewards of the tiers beneath them.

The main discussion hub for patrons is on my Discord server Cabal. If you’re using Patreon to support me, and you have linked your Patreon and Discord accounts, you will automatically be granted the correct role on entering the server. If you are using a different platform, it will be assigned manually upon confirming your support. Please @-mention uzalu on Discord after funding to request access.

How to Provide Regular Funding

There are three platforms on which I’ve set up regular funding, and Patreon. Most of my existing patrons are on Patreon, but MakerSupport and might be more reliable, as Patreon seems more prone to removing pages unjustly.

Become a Patron!

Bronze Patron ($1+ per month)

Bronze Support Tier

Bronze Patronage Reward Tier

  1. Access to Patron-only discord channel (hangout links and other exclusive info will often be posted there)
  2. Access to many scripts-in-progress for future videos
  3. Access to many videos before being published
  4. You will be listed in the description of every YouTube video (by username on the service used to fund). Tell me if you want to opt-out.
  5. Receive optional discord notifications for some exclusive content posted.

Silver Patron ($5+ per month)

Gold Support Tier

Silver Patronage Reward Tier

  1. Access to an exclusive Patron-only livestream once a month (Requires 3+ entrants)
  2. Receive optional discord notifications for most exclusive content posted.

Gold Patron ($15+ per month)

Silver Support Tier

Gold Patronage Reward Tier

  1. Access to a 1 on 1 conversation with uzalu (private, recorded, livestreamed, name your preference.) When you want this access, contact me and we can work out a time/date. No more than once per month.
  2. Receive optional discord notifications for all exclusive content posted.

Ultimate Patron ($30+ per month)

Ultimate Support Tier

Ultimate Support Reward Tier

  1. I’ll be amicable to any reasonable request related to my online content: a custom video topic, advertisement for your product, grant you access to non-patron livestreams, etc.

One-time Funding

You can send a tip via Streamlabs. (Primarily intended for my twitch game streaming, but it still goes to the same place).

You could also send a one-time donation using Patreon: become a patron, then cancel it a few minutes later.

Donations via PayPal have been disabled for now.

You can also be granted a reward tier based on a one-time donation. Level and duration can be negotiated.

If you are going to use any of these services, please use these links when doing so, there is no downside to you, but I can benefit from it.;referrer=uzalu