The ‘Troll on Trial’ Extravaganza! (Atheist Roo Drama)

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All Troll on Trial Extravaganzas

This hangout is an open invitation to address the concerns and questions of Atheism-is-Unstoppable’s (@Atheist _Roo’s) following. You will be able to direct your criticism at Joshua John Banko (The Canadian Atheist) (who will be hosting the show), uzalu (, and likely some other common opponents of the Roo.

Edit (2016-01-02): I feel I should clarify the fact that this hangout is not my hangout, it will be hosted by Josh (Canadian Atheist), and the concept was a joint creation.

In order to foster an environment of actual understanding, not just shit-slinging, we’re running this with a little more foresight than usual.

Participants must publicly agree to the rules of the hangout below before being allowed to enter. The hosts will also follow these rules.
It’s not tone-policing, it’s just socially-enforced adherence to rationality. You can use whatever tone you like.

Each participant will be given a chance to make an opening statement and a time limit of 30 minutes in the hangout to make their argument. If you manage to defend your position for 30 minutes you will be given the illustrious title of ‘Not a troll’.

This is also an open invitation for AiU and/or Skullduggery to come in for a ‘friendly chat’ on an honest platform.

To register for this event, leave a comment on this post. Include “I agree to follow the Rules of engagement” in your comment. You don’t need to register for an account to leave a comment, but you must include some sort of means of contact, even if it’s just your twitter name.

The Rules of Engagement

  1. You must provide evidence for your claims.
    1. If you admit that you can’t do so, we won’t hold this rule to be broken, but will also dismiss your claim.
    2. Where applicable, you must provide a reference (like a link or time-stamp).
    3. Ideally, you should have the evidence in a form which is easy to use in the discussion, like reading a quote instead of just giving a time-stamp.
  2. You must state the position we hold which you intend to attack, as well as your position which contradicts it.
    1. If you state as our position one that we do not hold, we will correct you and give you a little time to reassess your angle.
    2. If you persist to get our position wrong, we’ll hold this rule to be broken. (unless you can provide evidence of hypocrisy.)
  3. You must not use logical fallacies.
    1. You will get one strike, and we will warn you when it happens. Your second fallacy will break this rule.
    2. This includes moving the goalposts from your original position, as well as straw-manning our position, hence rule 2.
  4. You must not make excessive interruptions or attempts to slow down or stop the conversation.
    1. If you just maintain basic human respect for everyone else, you should have no problem with this.

Breaking any of these rules will illicit us to move on to the next participant.

Edit (2016-01-02): It should go without saying that if you share the link to the hangout with anyone who hasn’t been invited, you and them will probably be kicked. Don’t consider this one of the rules you have to agree to, but I think it’s worth mentioning.

Edit (2016-01-03) The time of the show has been corrected on this post; the time shown on the youtube hangout was actually correct. Confirmed guests will be informed.

The show is scheduled for the 10th of January 2016 at 9pm EST (11th at 2am GMT).

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