The Skeptic Feminist’s Lies and Unethical Behaviour

I've been publicly lied about by The Skeptic Feminist. I'm writing this to make the truth known, and expose their unethical behaviour & disgraceful conduct.
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I’m writing this to make the truth known publicly, as I’ve been publicly lied about by The Skeptic Feminist. It’s old news, but important regardless.

You Really Think Someone Would Do That? Just Go On the Internet and Tell Lies?

TL;DR (Summary): The Skeptic Feminist are YouTubers who uploaded an altered version of a video I made and called it a “mirror” fraudulently. I did not flag this video or react emotionally, but they have lied to their fans in saying that I did both. More important details and all the evidence are explained in the bulk of the article.

The Past…

Almost 5 months ago to the day, I released a video called The Unethical Tale of Devon Tracey. It was (for a while) my most successful video and took my channel from 30 subscribers to almost 500.

Two channels I know of mirrored the video, The Outspoken Realist (TOR), and The Skeptic Feminist (TSF). I had no problem with TOR’s mirror, as he just uploaded my copy unchanged. He was even kind enough to disable comments on his video to direct more traffic to mine, something I didn’t require anyone to do.

Before TSF mirrored my video, they asked permission to do so in the comments of my original video:

The Skeptic Feminist asking for permission to mirror my video.

The Skeptic Feminist asking for permission to mirror my video.

However, TSF did not mirror the video. Instead, they made several changes to the video, and reuploaded the edited version. The changes were as follows:

  1. They removed the intro sequence, which explains the name of the video (“The uzalu Show”) which is displayed prominently throughout. Without the intro, the name seems like pure egotism, whereas it was actually a joke spawned by something an opponent said in an attempt to belittle my channel. The intro was also entertaining, for this reason.
  2. They cut the outro sequence, which advertised my other content.
  3. Necessarily to make changes, they re-rendered the video which decreased the overall quality, due to double compression.
  4. In re-rendering, they reduced the framerate of the video from 60fps to 30fps (likely due to their own incompetence).

These changes are not permitted because I specified that people are permitted to mirror my video. Making changes to the video means it’s no longer a mirror.

Misrepresenting someone’s content by claiming it’s a mirror while uploading an objectively-inferior edited version is unethical. It’s dishonest, damages the reputation of the original uploader, and does not qualify as fair use. I suspect TSF also made money from this content, which is illegal as far as I know, and unethical too.

Mirrors in general aren’t covered by fair use, but if a channel gives permission to mirror, the re-uploader has permission to use the content, so fair use is irrelevant; however, since this wasn’t a mirror, it does violate fair use without any justification, and there would be no reason why anyone should feel it was wrong to flag the video or file a copyright claim against it.

But I didn’t file any claims or flag any videos.

I enquired privately with The Skeptic Feminist about what was going on. Here are the twitter messages I sent:

The twitter DMs I sent after I discovered the changes TSF had made.

The twitter DMs I sent after I discovered the changes TSF had made.

I expect you’ll agree these are quite calm and reasonable messages.

There was no response. That grey line I left at the bottom of the image? That’s the end of this chat history. Those two are the most recent messages either of us sent to each other.

At that point I didn’t pay any attention to the issue, I was still not happy that my work had been misrepresented, but there wasn’t much I could do about it. I did not flag or report any content. I took no further action.

I think I did mention the situation once or twice on live streams. I never went into complete detail.

The Present…

Fast forward 5 months, to the present…

Someone on my channel told me I had behaved unethically, and linked me to TSF’s mirror, and told me to look at the first comment, which I did.

TSF's comment on their modified upload of my video.

TSF’s comment on their modified upload of my video.

A feminist lying and promoting a narrative that fits their agenda? Surely you jest!

I have never flagged a YouTube video. The only times in my life I’ve ever flagged anything was when AIU doxed me on two Twitter accounts. That’s explained in detail elsewhere.

This comment’s text is also in the description of their video. They really wanted people to believe these lies.

Of  course, the comment does not explain the reasons I was opposed to their actions, though in a later comment, they presented some of the reasons, but they just couldn’t help but cynically misrepresent my reasoning. Not only this, but they outright lie about events they claim took place…

A later comment on the same chain.

A later comment on the same chain.

The further lies they tell here are as follows: (I say “further” because plenty of lies are repeated here from earlier)

  1. “As we told him when he threw his fit – we don’t care about him”
    They did not respond to my direct messages, I have seen no correspondence from them anywhere on this matter. Either they are lying, or they’ve accidentally hidden the messages they sent somehow. Perhaps they instantly blocked me which prevented me from seeing them?
    Representing my messages as a “fit” may be subjective, but it’s as close to objectively wrong as it could reasonably be.
  2. “We liked his message and so we shared it”
    No, you picked apart my content (not my message) and put it on your own channel. I suspect you made some money doing so, but even if you didn’t, that’s not covered by fair use. If you wanted to share my message, you should have made your own content.
  3. “But we did as he asked”
    As the direct message I sent shows, I asked for them to either upload my video unchanged, or take down the video entirely. To assert they did either would be an obvious lie. If they are referring to my original stipulations for the mirror, they failed to meet those too, because what they uploaded was not a mirror.

Annoyingly, some commenters appear to have believed TSF, even Mad Shangi, who was opposed to AIU at the same time I was, and with whom I had an amicable acquaintanceship. I’ll be letting him know about this, as well as anyone else who appears to have been misled. Edit: Mad Shangi has been informed and appears to be taking my side.

Edit: Clarifications based on comments made about this article:

  • I am not writing this article because of the original butchered re-upload. I am critical of that behaviour, but the reason I’m writing this is to defend myself from utterly false accusations. I am here to set the record straight. I did not react after that initial event because it wasn’t worth publicly criticising. I am only mentioning it now for context.
  • I am bringing this up now (as I have explained in the article) because I have only just been made aware of it. I don’t care about creating drama, and would actually prefer this to just fade away regardless of whether TSF does the right thing and apologises publicly. As long as at least a few people are correctly informed (and at least one person already has been) then this has been worth it.

Edit: Updates on the situation:

  • TSF are continuing to lie, claiming that I threatened to flag their video.
  • Despite their lies, they have admitted that I did not flag their video. (pictured below)
  • They appear to have no problem inventing events that actually never occurred; they claim we had lengthy conversations before and after they uploaded the video. I await evidence of these claims.
The tweet in which they admit the video wasn't flagged, then outright lie that I threatened to flag it.

The tweet in which they admit the video wasn’t flagged, then outright lie that I threatened to flag it. It’s also an outright lie that they responded to me.

Edit: End of the 1 on 1 conversation:

The conversation has ended, TSF has doubled down on their lies and provided zero evidence of any of their claims. It would only be right for them to remove the word “Skeptic” from their name.

I linked them here:

Edit: Hopefully the end of this series of events:

TSF’s butchered copy of my video has been taken down. This is what I asked for months ago. I appreciate the fulfilment of my request, though it was very late. I hope this is where this drama ends.

Hopefully my final tweet on the matter.

The Future…

For a long time I had thought The Skeptic Feminist wasn’t all that bad. Sure, they had some SJW-style ideas, but compared to the worst elements of that movement, they were mild and perhaps even worthy allies.

Now I see that possibly the worst attribute of the SJW movement is alive and flourishing in The Skeptic Feminist. Abject Dishonesty, Adherence to their Preferred Narrative above all facts, and Dispassionate Demagoguery.

Their credibility is zero.

What a surprise.

What a surprise.

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